ECUA 140, 141, 142 & 146 Series

Application: Municipal Collection
Size: 10’ Dia. X 20’ Deep
Location: Florida Panhandle Area
Description: These multiple 10’ diameter prepackaged wet wells were part of a rehabilitation project for a Florida Panhandle sewer district to replace a number of deteriorated concrete structures. Due to the high concentrations of hydrogen sulfide gases in the collection mains, fiberglass structures were the best solution to this community collection system, ensuring a longer lifespan to the new lift stations.

Each of the new fiberglass stations were similar, yet unique in design to accommodate different pumps at each station. All of the structures utilize 100% 316 S.S. discharge pipe, braces, and hardware systems. Each wet well bottom utilized a truncated bottom design to eliminate waste buildup in the tank corners while providing superior structural strength as compared to flat bottom fiberglass structures.


  • These lift stations were 10’ dia. that ranged from 17’ to 21’ deep.
  • Lift stations consisted of a truncated bottom with external Z-brace anchors to be set into the concrete base.
  • Each lift station had a double door hatch with safety grates for the pump openings and a single door hatch with safety grates for the level rod/stilling well assemblies.
  • Each station included one mount plate for each pump which was laminated to the bottom of the station.
  • Flange spools extending 6” above grade for a transducer mounting point and a gooseneck vent.