Above Ground Fiberglass Storage Tanks

Fiberglass Above Ground Tanks

Municipal / Industrial / Commercial Water & Wastewater

Structural Engineering

Each manufactured above ground storage tank starts with the proper engineering steps. The first step begins with the selection of proper resins and glass types to meet pH levels, temperature limits, and corrosive resistant requirements of the tank’s application. After material selection, our engineers design the tanks for seismic, wind, and snow loads, based on the geographic location. Feature accessories such as ladders, safety cages, manways, fittings, and anchor lugs are all evaluated and engineered per the specific tanks needs. Our engineering reports provide modeled, detailed calculations, using the latest software and graphics to better illustrate key components in the design process. We offer P.E. stamped designs for over 40 states.


  • Wastewater Treatment Systems
  • pH Balance Systems
  • Chemical Storage
  • Fire Suppression
  • Rainwater Collection
  • Product Storage


  • Municipal
  • Industrial
  • Commercial
  • Design Build
  • OEM

Options & Custom Features

Tanks act as storage vessels, but, they also serve as components in a “system”. These “systems” require key equipment components that can be incorporated into the tank’s design. Custom options such as mixers, safety grates, interior aeration grids, pipe systems… are all scopes of work we can incorporate into a custom tank design. The list of added custom features is endless, and with the proper planning, we can design and build the tank to accommodate your custom equipment into an engineered “system.”

Fiberglass Storage Tank


  • Manways & Fittings
  • Baffles
  • Mixer Mounts
  • Heaters & Insulation
  • Ladders & Rails
  • Sight Tubes & Level Indicators

Above Ground Fiberglass Tanks

Sizes Available

  • 4′
  • 5′
  • 6′
  • 7′
  • 8′
  • 10′
  • 11′
  • 12′
  • 14′
  • 16′

We also provide 1/2 increment dia.