Marshalltown Power Generation

Application: Process Pumping
Size: 5’ Dia. X 15′ Deep
Location: Marshalltown, IA
Description: These two wet wells, with attached valve vaults, serve a new 700 million dollar expansion to a 650-megawatt electric generation station in southeastern, Iowa. This generation station will serve more than 500,000 homes when finished in 2017.The two pre-packaged stations were built to bulletproof standards, with double wall thickness and additional reinforcement ribs to a safety factor of 5:1 for the tanks structural design conditions. Each package includes base elbows, rails, and all valve vault piping systems. Fiberglass sleeves & flexible boots were provided for field installation of the inlet hubs.


  • Wet Well
    • Fiberglass Basin with ¾” thick side wall with structural rib for additional strength.
    • 3” rim flange around perimeter of the wet well and valve vault for an aluminum bolt down cover.
    • 45 degree filleted around inside perimeter of the wet well.
    • Two prefabbed c-channel rail systems & 2” flanged discharge piping.
  • Valve Vault
    • Brass ball & check valves.
    • Ladder with safety post.
    • Emergency pump out connection.