Redstone Commons Phase 1

Market: Municipal Wastewater
Application: Residential subdivision
Size: 8’ dia. x 28’-6” deep Wet Well & 6’ dia. x 4’-8” deep Valve
Location: Crestview, Florida

Description: Duplex wet well with 4” Sch 40 S.S. 316 discharge pipes. The valve vault is designed as a two into one pipe system, with a common pump out connection. This package includes oversized covers for both the wet well and valve vault, designed to accept a 12” concrete slab & support H2O loads.


Wet Well

  • 4” SS flanged discharge pipes with horizontal discharge
  • Large Aluminum cover with safety grates
  • 4” Gooseneck vent with bird screen
  • Waterman air release valves welded to 90-deg elbows on the discharge line.

Valve Vault

  • Oversized aluminum cover
  • Bottom with 2% slope to drain
  • 4” SS piping with flanged connections
  • Cast iron flanged gate and check valves
  • Cam & groove pump out connection.