Swedesboro Wet Well & Valve Vault

Market: Industrial Wastewater
Application: Food Manufacturing Wash Down
Size: 8’ x 17’ Duplex Wet Well & 6’ x 6’ Duplex Valve Vault
Location: Swedesboro, New Jersey
Description: This large diameter wet well serves a caustic waste stream from a new dairy food manufacturing facility. This will serve the entire facility wash down system, and act as a lift station to deliver the waste to a central WWTP. Utilizing type 316L stainless steel piping and interior bracing will give this station a long lifespan for this corrosive environment. By prepackaging, and delivering as a turnkey system, time and money were saved to bring the project to conclusion under budget.


Wet Well

  • Duplex wet well
  • 4” stainless steel discharge pipes with horizontal discharge about 3’-0” below grade
  • 12” x 12” fillet bottom around the inside perimeter of the bottom
  • Large double door aluminum hatch with safety grates
  • Double Nexus liner for high-temperature conditions

Valve Vault

  • Two 4” stainless steel discharge lines combing into one 6” stainless steel force main pipe
  • Cast iron gate valves with hand wheels
  • Cast iron check valves with lever and weight
  • Aluminum single door hatch
  • Ladder with integrated safety post
  • Drain through side wall to wet well at bottom of tank
  • Slop bottom to drain