The History of Fiberglass Tank Solutions

Our base of operations for Fiberglass Tank Solutions LLC is located in central Missouri at Lake of the Ozarks. Using this Midwest location allows us to service the entire North American marketplace from one central point of manufacturing. 

Our Fiber Reinforced Plastic (FRP) tank production and assembly is done onsite within a 16,000-square-foot facility and other fabrication shops on one campus, which provides the needed horizontal and vertical workspace to safely and efficiently fabricate and assemble these large tank packages for underground storage tanks. 

You can be guaranteed that our packaged systems will be built to your specifications with quality, realistic delivery dates, and a competitive price. 

Kevin Hawthorne

Owner / University of Missouri 1985: B.S Agriculture Economics 

Kevin Hawthorne founded Fiberglass Tank Solutions, LLC in 2012 with the goal of creating a one-of-a-kind manufacturer of Fiberglass Reinforced Plastics (FRP) that uses large diameter molding to build fully customized pre-kitted lift stations and rehabilitation inserts for the municipal and industrial wastewater lift station collection markets.

Kevin has spent the last 12 years developing this fiberglass manufacturing firm with unique and innovative skills in building modern solutions for turnkey large-diameter Underground Storage Tanks (UST), Wet Wells, and fiberglass inserts for the rehabilitation of concrete wet wells.

Matt Callanan

Project Manager | University of Central Missouri- 2009: Science in Computer-Aided Drafting and Design Technology.

Matt played a key role in getting FTS off the ground by designing customized Wet Wells and USTs. Under the guidance of Kevin, Matt expanded his role to include technical sales, project management, and estimating, contributing to the company’s success.

Outside of work, Matt enjoys remodeling and home improvement projects, as well as camping, fishing, and golfing. He loves spending time with his wife Katy and their two children, exploring the Lake of the Ozarks and savoring its excellent meals and activities during the summer. Together, they take their boat out to one of the many coves and appreciate the tranquility of the slower winter months. Matt’s diverse skills and enthusiasm make him an appreciated member of the FTS team.


Kyle Cribb

Production & Field Service Manager

Kyle is our Production Supervisor at FTS and an ACMA Certified Composites Technician. He leads our Quality Control program, ensuring all projects meet exact specifications before leaving our shop.

Kyle brings extensive experience from construction projects worldwide and strives for perfection in every aspect of his work. His dedication to quality and attention to detail plays a critical role in our daily operations.

Outside of work, Kyle, his wife Candice, and their two children engage in a diverse range of interests and activities. They continually seek synergy with the world around them, exploring and enjoying life together. Kyle’s commitment to excellence and passion for his work make him a treasured asset to the FTS team.

Sara Hamm

Northwest Missouri State UniversityBachelor of Science in Business Management

Sara joined the Fiberglass Tank Solutions family in July 2019. Since then, she has expanded her responsibilities to include purchasing orders, logistics, project coordination, communication across departments, and accounting duties. Her customer service experience and logistics expertise contribute to our company’s smooth operations. Life may be a roller coaster, but once you speak with Sara about your project requirements, you’ll be looking for that souvenir photo to remember the wonderful experience.

Sara, her husband Brad, and their daughter enjoy anything adventurous, horseback riding, kayaking, hiking, biking, camping, spending time with family and friends, gardening, and caring for all of their animals. The farm keeps her family busy, but everyone enjoys the sweet treats she brings into the office.

Jack Crow

AutoCAD Technician

Jack Crow is a skilled professional at FTS, where he joined the team in the fall of 2019. He attended Kansas State University, studying Construction Science and Management, before making his home in Sunrise Beach, Missouri. At FTS, Jack creates submittal drawings for, turnkey USTs, custom prefabricated lift stations, and valve vaults. Expanded his responsibilities to include project estimates, ordering take-offs, production drawings, and buoyancy calculations. He is also actively involved in innovating new products, tools, and methods to support FTS’s growth.

In his spare time, Jack enjoys the Lake of the Ozarks’ fishing opportunities and its serene surroundings. He spends time with friends, contributes to local charities, and appreciates the lake’s nightlife. Additionally, he finds relaxation kayaking on the tranquil waters. Jack’s multifaceted interests and dedication make him a valued member of the FTS team.

Andres Aguilera

Shop Foreman

Andres has over 25 years of experience making fiberglass tanks. He began his career as an entry-level manufacturer of FRP industrial tanks and has spent the last decade honing his lamination trade skills via hard labor. With hands-on experience, obtaining substantial and valuable layperson skills and knowledge in the unique fiberglass tank manufacturing business. Andres has developed and manufactured unique tanks for a variety of applications and industries during his career. Andres became a part of FTS’s manufacturing solutions in 2016 and has grown with the company to his current position as Shop Foreman for both our Fabrication and Assembly divisions.

Andres enjoys spending his leisure time working on his small acreage farm, where he yields a unique breeding stock of game roosters. He enjoys spending time with his son, mother, brother, and close extended family. Andres enjoys making his favorite traditional authentic Mexican dishes for his family and friends at regular family gatherings.

Anton Funtek

SolidWorks Technician

Anton Funtek brings extensive expertise in Drafting and Design to FTS. He utilizes SolidWorks to turn our customers’ visions into reality, employing 3D drawings and 2D concept views to ensure precise and efficient designs. Anton’s contributions extend to developing more innovative tools and equipment for FTS while also enhancing our operations.

Originally from Las Vegas, Anton appreciates Missouri’s vibrant culture and enjoys traveling with friends and family to discover new places, the best lake spots, and some good bowling alleys. He relocated to Missouri in 2018, finding his happy place near the Lake of the Ozarks. Anton and his wife, Sara, like crafting unique homemade meals, spending time at the lake, and exploring on his electric skateboard or their bikes. His skill and creativity make him an integral part of the FTS team.

Kelly Reavely

Executive Administration Assistant & Purchasing Agent

Kelly plays an important role in the FTS operations. She is dedicated to serving as our knowledgeable receptionist for any inquiries and phone calls about our projects. Her quality control procedure helps us coordinate our efforts to triple-check all details related to product manufacture, purchasing orders, and take-off qualifications for each tank we produce. Kelly’s experience with owning and operating several businesses for over two decades makes her a significant resource for our operations, finances, and asset management in our growing industry.

Kelly enjoys harmonizing with the sounds of music around the Lake of the Ozarks. She is a vital part of various jam nights, and if you are lucky, you might witness her elegance on the violin, guitar, and saxophone. With her friends who travel the world, there’s always another exciting concert to look forward to, featuring music from all around the world. Otherwise, she likes a relaxed evening listening to progressive rock music or watching documentaries.

Chase Kurtz

Marketing Director

Chase Kurtz is the Marketing Director at FTS, leading the way in sharing our brand and values with the world. He effectively communicates who we are and what we do, embodying our culture of hard work, honesty, and the “under promise, over perform” attitude. Chase ensures our message is delivered clearly, highlighting our capabilities, products, and services both digitally and physically while building relationships with new customers.

In his free time, Chase enjoys being with his wife and three cats, tinkering in his wood crafting shop, and other projects. His passion for business was inspired by his father’s footsteps and always making things happen. Chase values his close-knit family and has a lifelong love of soccer, outdoor activities, hiking, kayaking, and being near water. His intricate skills and enthusiasm make him an essential part of the FTS team.

The Fiberglass Tank Solutions Motto “Under-Promise & Over-Perform”

It is unwise to pay too much, but it is worse to pay too little. When you pay too much, you lose a little money… that’s all. But when you pay too little, you sometimes lose everything, because what you designed and purchased was incapable of doing what it was expected to do.

The Common Law of Business Balance prohibits paying very little and getting a lot… it can’t be done. If you deal with the lowest bidder or the cheapest product, it is well-advised to add contingency costs due to the risk you run. If you do that, you will have enough to pay for something better!

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