Fiberglass Underground Tanks

Municipal / Industrial / Commercial Water & Wastewater

Underground Storage Tanks: the FTS Difference

Storing liquids underground poses a wide range of complications. However, Fiberglass Tank Solutions has mastered the art and design of creating high-quality, cost-effective storage tanks. The fiberglass tank designs from FTS are the result of years of innovation and expert engineering, and these underground tanks offer a safe and secure way to store a variety of liquids.

FTS believes in providing premium service and even high-quality products. They rely on proprietary designs that outperform other similar products on the market. A state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, centrally located in the United States, ensures prompt, reliable service to every customer.

Fiberglass Storage Tanks Eliminate Corrosion

Underground tanks must be able to withstand a variety of harsh conditions. Fiberglass proves to be the top contender when it comes to reliability and resistance. This durable material offers consumers a range of benefits, and FTS refuses to settle for anything less.

Water is a very corrosive element. Fiberglass, however, can withstand long-term submersion. Rust is a significant pitfall of other underground storage solutions. Concrete tanks, for example, often rely on steel reinforcements; however, this metal may oxidize and rust over time. Wastewater also exposes containers to corrosive elements such as hydrogen sulfide gases—which eventually lead to premature corrosion. Structural failure is imminent.

By nature, fiberglass is corrosion-resistant and rustproof. FTS engineers underground storage tanks from this material for this very purpose. Eliminating the risk of corrosion increases the lifespan of the tank, and it saves consumers money. There is no worry about structural failure with fiberglass storage tanks.

A Watertight and Structurally Sound Solution

Underground storage tanks must be watertight. Although concrete is still popular, these storage units are prone to leaking. Most concrete designs have a series of seams to hold the container area together. However, when shifting or settling occurs these seams often leak. Contamination of both the environment and storage supply may occur as a result.

For this reason, fiberglass tanks have become the leading choice for underground applications. FTS manufactures underground storage tanks using the most durable resin and glass on the market, and Integral ribs provide additional structural support, reducing the risk of failure. Other fabricators who also utilize them often don’t design their products for high traffic areas. Concrete tanks do not meet the design requirements to hold up against vehicle traffic and heavy-loading conditions. On the other hand, an FTS tank can withstand high water-table environments, heavy traffic loads, and other harsh conditions. This robust fiberglass design is much more durable than concrete.

FTS performs on-site testing both before and after installation to ensure the tank is completely watertight. Extra testing eliminates the worry of leaking or contamination, and it’s something smaller fabricators often don’t offer. This extra step also gives the consumer peace of mind that their tank will be code compliant from day one. As regional regulations become stricter, watertight systems have become the standard.

An Industry Leader in Underground Storage Tanks

When selecting an underground tank, it’s essential to choose one that is not only structurally sound but also corrosion-resistant and watertight. Ease of installation and price also play a role in the decision process. FTS considered all these factors when designing fiberglass underground storage tanks. By incorporating high-quality materials with superior engineering and manufacturing, FTS can provide consumers with a reliable, impenetrable, and cost-effective product.

As an industry leader, high-quality manufacturing is always evident in every unit. FTS understands the urgency to manufacture superior storage tanks that are reliable for consumers and safe for the environment. By maintaining high quality-control standards during the design and manufacturing process, Fiberglass Tank Solutions always steps up to the plate to provide consumers with a hardy, long-lasting underground storage solution.