Hickory Park Wastewater Insert

Market: Municipal
Application: Wastewater
Size: 9′-6″ Dia. x 21′ Deep Rehab Insert
Location: Crawfordville, FL

Description: Fiberglass Tank Solutions can provide a custom tank diameter to fit any existing concrete structure. This 9′-6″ diameter fiberglass rehabilitation insert was used to correct an outdated, 10′ I.D. concrete lift station. The 1960’s era concrete station was structurally unsound, and suffering from massive infiltration. The structural degradation of the concrete wet well was due to years of biogenic sulfide corrosion of the concrete walls. (This type of corrosion is a bacterial process forming hydrogen sulfide gas. The subsequent conversion of hydrogen sulfide gas to sulfuric acid attacks concrete and steel within wastewater environments) An FRP insert is inherently resistant to these corrosive environment and can be formulated to address site specific corrosive challenges. Combining corrosive resistant FRP with custom kit-up into a pre-packaged system will save both time and money, insuring a quick construction completion and a long service life.

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