Industrial wastewater

Industrial wastewater, especially from dairy, cheese, wine & liquors, bottling, and other food manufacturing contains caustics that are highly corrosive to conventional building materials such as steel and concrete.  Clean in place (CIP) procedures in the daily operations of the facility can also add corrosive acids, bleaches, and cleaning additives to the waste stream.  These substances need to be treated before being discharged into a biological treatment plant or subsequent water bodies. Generally, this can be done close to the site of production itself, in selected wastewater treatment process before reaching a central treatment plant or discharging to a municipal sewer. 

Due to the nature of the manufacturing process, or the CIP, high or low pH process conditions along with high temperatures and corrosive agents can create aggressive corrosion in the collection and process system.  Fiberglass is a material of choice for these industrial applications.

Fiberglass Tank Solutions works closely with our clients to investigate the properties of the contaminants and their concentrations manufacturer storage structures with the proper resins recommendations that meet and exceed these highly corrosive conditions.  Vinyl Ester resins used in the manufacturing of these wet wells and tanks provide custom or specific corrosion resistant properties which extend project life cycles.  Unlike steel or concrete, fiberglass does not require corrosive resistant coatings or liners, and fiberglass requires minimum maintenance and is easy to clean.   

Fiberglass Tank Solutions products for these applications includes UST (Underground Storage Tanks) in both single wall and double wall.  We also manufacturer fully kitted up lift stations, valve vaults, and wet wells.  Other industrial applications include underground grease interceptors, underground mixers, contact tanks, equalization tanks, and chemical storage tanks.

Our team of industry experts are readily available and knowledgeable to help you on your next tank or wet well needs.


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