Dosing / Equalization Tanks

Once the primary tank provides the anaerobic digestion and settles out the effluent, the treated effluent then moves to either a disposal field, or another tank.  This next tank in the treatment train is called a dosing / equalization tank.  The tank receives and stores the effluent that can then be pumped to a disposal field.  Dosing / Equalization tanks can utilize pumps and controls that utilize timers to even out the flow rate over a 24-hour period.  Or a simple non-mechanical dosing siphon can be utilized to meter this treated effluent out to the drain field.  Pumped or metered flow creates even distribution and allows extra storage volume in the tankage so drain fields are not over charged during peak flow periods of usage.  Fiberglass Tank Solutions can build these dosing / EQ tanks with pump platforms, rails, piping, and other interior components for any pump configuration requirement.


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