Hazardous Liquid Storage Systems

When hazardous liquids spill accidentally or leak, you need a reliable collection system to keep a bad problem from getting much worse. 

Underground hazardous waste collection tanks are a key way to solve this, and meet federal regulations. By collecting these hazardous materials at the point source, downstream pollution to watersheds and municipal storm sewer systems are eliminated.


  • Aqueous Film Forming Foam (AFFF)
  • Airport Deicing Glycol Collection
  • Hospital Decon
  • Landfill Leachate Collection
  • Transformer Stations & Storage
  • Capture


  • Urea Diesel Exhaust Fluid
  • Fire Sprinkler Emergency
  • Emergency Spill Tanks
  • Pipeline Sump Tanks
  • Food Process Washdown
  • (DEF) Storage

The keys to effective hazardous liquid collection

Tank resin type and tank construction methods are critical.

Our resins are designed to withstand corrosion from the specific biological or chemical materials being collected. These resins are formulated to meet the specific collection needs. 

FTS also builds a multi-layered laminate tank, with C-Veil or Nexus liners to ensure a resin-rich layer on the tank’s interior. Other fiberglass manufacturers simply use chop and a flood coat – A less costly, but inferior tank construction method.  

Experience & Design

In addition, we will use single or double-wall tanks, based on your application. Federal or State regulations govern whether you can use a single wall or double wall tank for these applications.

Underground fiberglass tanks easily allow emergency shut-off valves, diversion piping, and other safety features to be worked into the wastewater design. Our staff is experienced in designing tanks with options and accessories that fit your application. Using 3D CAD modeling, you can see the dimensions, locations, features, material type, and accessories of your tank, down to the smallest digital detail.

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