Wastewater systems for demanding conditions

Reinforced fiberglass laminates can be designed to provide up to a 100-year life cycle, which means lower costs to operate and maintain.

Municipal systems can include prepackaged corrosion-resistant lift stations or a combination of tanks and lift stations.  

Providing a Superior System

  • Off-peak pumping
  • CSO (Combined Sewer Overflow)
  • Emergency Overflow Protection
  • Flow Equalization



Prepackaged Lift Stations

Lift stations can be designed to withstand deflection (tank bending) and buoyancy. FTS has produced wet wells up to 14’ in diameter and 35’ deep. Locations include flooded conditions to finish grade, such as seaside locations. Fiberglass wet wells come fully integrated with piping, rails, and covers as a turnkey structure, saving money and providing a safer construction.

Overflow Protection

Lift stations provide a method to pump sewage through a force main which typically goes to a treatment plant. When pumps fail or electricity goes out, underground storage tanks can provide redundancy for backup plans when lift stations are located near environmentally-sensitive watersheds.

Off-Peak Pumping

Sometimes undersized force mains and pumps can’t keep up during peak flow periods. Underground storage tanks provide a means to balance the load and store the sewage, giving pumps or force mains time to discharge without overflowing. Adding an underground tank or a series of tanks is a cost-effective solution as compared to replacing underground force mains.

Combined Sewer Overflow (CSO)

Combined Sewer Overflows (CSOs) are a priority water pollution concern for the nearly 860 municipalities across the U.S. that have Combined Sewer Systems (CSSs). CSOs are designed to overflow occasionally and discharge excess wastewater directly to nearby streams, rivers, or other water bodies. 

Our underground fiberglass tanks can be part of an effective CSO design. When used to isolate upstream branch flows, or part of the larger collection mains, FRP tanks provide a flexible, long-term solution to the overall design.


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