Potable Water Tanks for low-flow wells, distribution systems, rainwater reuse, and emergency storage

As development in our modern society increases, there are a growing number of activities that can contaminate our drinking water: Improper disposal of chemicals, animal and human wastes, wastes injected underground, and naturally-occurring substances all have the potential to contaminate the water we drink. Drinking water that is not properly treated or that travels through a poorly maintained distribution system, may also pose a health risk.

Underground potable water storage tanks provide large volume storage for drinking water where municipal water supplies are inadequate. These tanks can also collect rainwater for on-demand treatment at residential locations where well water systems cannot provide adequate drinking water quality.

Clean, High-Volume Drinking Water

Fiberglass Tank Solutions fiberglass tanks provide 100% watertight tanks to ensure water supplies do not get contaminated by groundwater or runoff. A special NSF resin is used and a heated post-cure is performed on the tank, which ensures you get high-quality drinking water when you need it most.

Fiberglass tanks are stronger than their poly counterparts, and can withstand UV degradation from harmful exposure outside. Fiberglass is also a longer life cycle product as compared to steel, poly, or concrete options.

Drink Water Tank

A potable water tank is meant to store large amounts of clean, drinking water in places where water mains are not available. There are various sizes that can be used for storage of a much needed resource. They are designed to prevent bacteria and other foreign elements from entering your drinking supply, unlike the rain barrels or tanks that collect the rainwater from your roof. Underground Potable Water Tanks are meant to be installed underneath the earth’s surface. The components of our potable drinking water tanks are up to code set by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and other regulating organizations. Our potable storage tanks are flexible for placement because each one is custom built to your requirements, including system components.

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