Rainwater Collection & Recycling: Protecting our most precious resource

Water scarcity, drought, water discharge, stormwater runoff, and water quality are real issues impacting communities across the country.

Approximately 550 gallons of rainwater can be collected for every 1,000 square feet of collection surface per inch of rain. That’s a lot of water that can be put to good use with the right system.

Our rainwater tank systems meet this need, providing LEED-Certified green solutions for water management.

Customized to your application

Rainwater collection tanks are located either above ground or underground to store rainwater at the time of rainfall, so it can be metered out later for reuse. Our tanks can range from small above ground tanks, to multiple underground batteries of tanks. 

FTS provides tank solutions with all the internal piping systems, pump mounts, and access risers to fit your rainwater harvesting application.

All of our rainwater & grey water systems are also certified for commercial use under the NSF350 C standard. This is the recognized standard for water recycling by international plumbing code authorities and the LEED green rating system for Homes, Design, and Construction.

Canal St. Saddle Tanks


Larger volume, more customization, and stronger structure than poly tanks

PE-stamped designs

 For seismic, structural, & buoyancy

Private label (OEM) tanks

For systems integrators and packagers

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