Fiberglass Storage Tanks, Built for the life of the Project

Fiberglass Tank Solutions is the reliable partner for your underground fiberglass tanks projects, along with our prepackaged fiberglass lift stations for the municipal, industrial, and commercial markets. We also provide OEM manufacturing for tanks and packaged systems.  Our FRP products are built to exceed industry standards while providing custom features, superior quality, and realistic delivery dates, all at competitive prices.  Engineered fiberglass laminates can provide a finished product that will last the life of the project. This means a longer life cycle and the strongest structures that are built to last.

Manufacturing Process

Fiberglass Tank Solutions starts with engineering using an FEA (Finite Element Analysis) engineering report based on RTP1 design standards. Using an open molding process with filament winding, we produce a multi-layered tank with unrivaled structural strength. 

Our state-of-the-art tooling, experienced staff, efficient manufacturing methods, and corrosion-resistant materials all produce a superior tank at a lower cost to you. Our manufacturing process also follows a strict Quality Management Plan (QMP), ensuring the utmost value in our custom products and services.

Prepackaging Pays 

Unlike concrete or steel tanks, fiberglass is lightweight and extremely strong, allowing us to build and prepackage the system together in our quality-controlled manufacturing facility.

Prepackaging also limits labor cost and confined space entry risks while in the field. The result is finished products that are unmatched in quality, fit, and performance when compared to any other similar products in the industry.

From our sales team members to our engineers, laminators, fitters, and welders, each segment of our workforce is experienced in providing the most custom features to our fiberglass underground storage tanks, and prepackaged large-diameter lift stations.

Benefits of Fiberglass

100% Watertight


Lighter Weight


Prepackaged for Faster, Safer Project Completion

Longer Life-Cycle Cost

Quality Mgt. Plan

Structural Strength

Realistic Lead Times

What all of this means for you: 

Experienced Staff + Engineering + State-of-the-Art Tooling +


There’s a reason why the word “Solutions” is in our name. Every tank design has its own set of unique conditions, features, and requirements to meet the application. 

Because we build everything custom, we do not carry “cookie-cutter” tanks in stock — Making every tank fully custom to your specifications and performance standards.

Fiberglass Tank Solutions can build tanks ranging from 4’ to 14’ in diameter. Volume, length, and depth are only limited to the maximum sizes that we can legally ship. To date, our innovative manufacturing and designs have supplied FRP storage tanks as large as 16’ in diameter, and as long as 50’.


  • 4’ – 14’ Diameter
  • 500 – 50,000 Gallon Capacity
  •  Finite Element Analysis (FEA)
  • Meets & Exceeds ASTM Standards
  • Resin Certification to Meet All Design Conditions
  • In-House Professional Engineer (PE) Stamp for 48 states
  • Lightweight for Easy Freight
  • 100% Watertight Tanks
  • Corrosion-Resistant
  • Environmentally Friendly

Built to Withstand Any Brutal Elements

Tank Being Lowered into Old shell

Underground Storage Tanks (UST’s) or Prepackaged Fiberglass Lift Stations can be exposed to a brutal array of environmental, corrosive elements, and weather the storm. 

Environmentally, tanks can see a wide variance of load conditions

  • Underground Storage Tanks – Seismic, buoyancy, H-20 traffic, or deep-bury applications may be part of the tank challenges.
  • Prepackaged Lift Stations – Hydraulic uplift, H-20 traffic loads, or mechanics for large horsepower pumps and mounts may be part of the system requirements.

Corrosive conditions can be influenced by high or low pH ranges, temperature, or the properties of the stored product in the tank. Our staff has the knowledge and resources to match the proper fiberglass resins to specifically meet these corrosive conditions inside the tank. Give us a call to see your specs.

Our rigorous Quality Management Plan confirms that process, so you can rest assured your FRP tank will perform as designed and manufactured to operate in those specific conditions. 

Our Fiberglass Products

Underground Tanks

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