Safe and Reliable Non-Corrosive Chemical Storage Tanks

Our fiberglass chemical storage tanks provide a safe, corrosion-resistant underground storage solution for caustic and dangerous chemical storage. Whether you’re needing to store acids, alkaline, chlorines, hypochlorite’s, solvents, or strong oxidizers. Your tank will always be engineered to safely get the job done, every time.

That’s because all of our tanks are engineered with Finite Element Analysis (FEA) based on RTP-1 design standards, using 3D CAD modeling. This not only ensures you get the exact tank your chemical application needs, but you also can see the customized tank we design for you beforehand in exact digital detail.


Custom Precision

“Close enough” are not words you want to hear when it comes to storing dangerous chemicals.

Every chemical storage tank we build is customized to the chemical you need to store, based on its concentration, pH, and temperature. These design conditions are then matched precisely to the resin recommendations outlined by our resin suppliers’ guidelines.

FTS offers many UST options, including fittings, instrumentation ports, heaters, mixer mounts, ladders, handrails, and a multitude of other custom options. Tanks can be built in 4’ to 12’ diameters. Our staff is knowledgeable and ready to assist you in your new tank design, or inspection of existing tanks.

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