Separators and Interceptors for both low and high volume applications

Used oil from a single oil change can pollute up to one million gallons of freshwater. The EPA estimates that American households improperly dump about 193 million gallons of used oil every year, or roughly the equivalent of 17 Exxon Valdez oil spills.

From restaurants to car washes to stormwater management, FTS offers interceptor and separator tank systems to meet your needs and reduce the nation’s pollution. 

Our lower-volume interceptors keep oils, grease, sand, and grit out of the municipal sewer collection system, reducing maintenance on sewer lines, blockage, and settlement in the pipes. Our higher-volume separators reduce oil from runoff pollutants, and can be designed to UL 2215 standards and for quantitative removal rates, based on inlet strength characteristics, and discharge limits.

The Fiberglass Difference

Fiberglass tanks are watertight for 100% containment of hydrocarbons and can be double-walled, as well as electronically monitored. We offer a full family of accessories including, piping, coalescers, risers, and traffic-rated covers to meet system performance.

Fiberglass tanks are corrosion-resistant for grease applications, unlike concrete tanks that have a limited life span due to internal corrosion because of high temp and pH conditions in grease interceptors. 

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