Deadman Anchor Literature

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· The preffered anchoring method, shown on the left side, is to add the 12″ granular bedding over the FRP deadmen and
utilize the anchor extension.
· The alternative anchoring method is to set the FRP deadmen on top of the 12″ bedding, which may affect buoyancy design.
Contractor to remove the anchor extensions when using this method.
· FRP deadmen must be outside of the tank shadow in order to maximize the soil column directly above the deadmen.
· FRP deadmen can be used with open cut trench excavation or shored hole excavation.
· The FRP deadmen are 12″ wide for 4′,5′, and 6′ diameter tanks, 18″ wide for 8′ diameter tanks, and 24″ wide for 10′ and 12′
diameter tanks.

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