Seminole: Project Profile

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This Fiberglass Tank Solutions fire suppression tank services an office building in Seminole, OK. Due to the rural water districts inadequate flow and pressure in the utility water mains to meet fire suppression requirements, a standby fiberglass underground storage tank utilizing a vertical turbine pump in a separate fiberglass pump vault solved this challenging site condition. To offset any buoyancy issues, an FTS manufactured, pre-engineered, concrete deadman system including straps and turnbuckles was supplied to offset any buoyancy concerns as part of this tank package. The tank was installed by Smith & Pickle Construction, Inc., an Oklahoma based firm specializing in commercial office building construction. Site conditions did include some rock excavation. This tank system was manufactured and delivered on time, under budget, with a steady stream of technical communication regarding installation and logistics to Smith & Pickle staff, insuring a quality and profitable installation.

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