Underground Aluminum Sulfate Storage

Aluminum sulfate is a chemical compound that is used in a variety of industrial processes. It’s an excellent desiccant, meaning it absorbs excess moisture from the air and prevents corrosion. Aluminum sulfate can be found in many products you use every day, like paper, detergents, toothpaste, and more.

Aluminum Sulfate is a commonly used chemical in the water treatment industry. The chemical is often stored in large storage tanks that must be properly designed, constructed, and maintained to prevent overfilling or pollution accidents.

The white powder has many uses because of its ability to absorb moisture—particularly when used with water or other liquids containing ions (electrically charged atoms). This makes aluminum sulfate ideal for removing excess water from things like food―especially when drying out meat before freezing it―or materials being stored in warehouses where there’s too much humidity present.

Due to its specific uses, aluminum sulfate must be stored properly!

Fiberglass Aluminum Sulfate Storage Tanks

FRP storage tanks are one of the most popular choices for storing hazardous liquids. Fiberglass tanks are made from a combination of fiberglass and polyethylene, which makes them strong, durable, and safe for many different applications. Because fiberglass can withstand high temperatures, these tanks are commonly used in industrial and municipal settings.

Because fiberglass is fire-resistant and non-toxic, these tanks are ideal for storing chemicals such as aluminum sulfate. To ensure that you get the most out of your fiberglass tank, keep it clean by regularly draining it with a pump or sump system. Regular maintenance will also help extend its lifespan so you don’t have to replace it prematurely (which saves money).

Safely Store Aluminum Sulfate

When it comes to storing aluminum sulfate, fiberglass tanks are the best choice. While they are relatively inexpensive and easy to find, they’re also safe and effective.

Aluminum sulfate is a corrosive chemical that can cause damage to other types of containers. However, fiberglass tanks are made from a special type of fiberglass that is resistant to corrosion—making them well-suited for use with this substance.

Storage Tank Venting

Venting is important. When you are storing your aluminum sulfate, it is important that you vent your storage tank properly. Not venting the aluminum sulfate tank will result in overfilling, pollution, pressure build-up, fire, and explosions. Venting can be done manually or automatically depending on the type of tank used.

The most common type of manual venting is a hand-vented cap on top of your aluminum sulfate tank that allows air to enter while preventing rainwater from entering when not in use. This type of manual venting system prevents rainwater from entering but does not prevent pressure build-up or prevent overfilling which can lead to spills and potential for injury or death if inhaled by humans as well as animals nearby when fumes are present at high concentrations

Industrial storage tanks should be carefully designed to prevent overfilling and pollution accidents.

Overfilling of industrial storage tanks is a serious hazard and has resulted in many accidents. Overfilling can cause pollution, an accident, a fire, a spill, a leak or any combination of these things.

  • Pollution: The release of gas or liquids into the atmosphere causes air pollution. Air pollution can be harmful to health and well-being; it may also damage buildings and other property.
  • Accident: An accident occurs when something goes wrong that wasn’t planned for at all! In the case of overfilling, this could mean spills on your work site which could lead to injury or even death if someone slips on them (or gets splashed with them). It could also mean fires caused by sparks from faulty equipment near the chemicals being stored there too – so caution should always be taken when deciding where to store different types of liquid products such as aluminum sulfate solution!

Fiberglass Tank Solutions is the Expert in Aluminum Sulfate Storage

Fiberglass Tanks Solutions is the expert in aluminum sulfate storage. With over 35 years of experience in the fiberglass tank industry, we have been a leader in this industry. We offer solutions for your needs and specifications that you can count on to be reliable, cost-effective, and efficient.

The benefits of using a fiberglass tank system include:

  • No corrosion or rusting
  • Built-in thermal insulation (R5)
  • Very-low weight per cubic foot (only 3 lbs per cubic foot)


Aluminum Sulfate storage is a critical application for fiberglass tanks and tank liners. Fiberglass Tank Solutions has extensive experience fabricating FRP tanks, FRP tank liners, and fiberglass process equipment for aluminum sulfate storage applications. The chemical properties of Aluminum Sulfate make it best suited for the reliability of fiberglass construction to ensure your production processes are sustained over the long term without unexpected failures or costly repairs.

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