Municipal / Industrial / Commercial Water & Wastewater

When it comes to any OEM manufactured fiberglass tanks, quality is always the most important factor. We guarantee that our fiberglass tanks are created using only the best quality materials and construction methods available today!

Elevate your brand with superior tank solutions.

Get corrosion-resistant, lightweight, 100% watertight storage tanks, engineered to your exact specifications – all without the tooling and labor costs of doing it yourself. Fiberglass Tank Solutions team of seasoned professionals is ready to design and engineer the custom fiberglass tank solution that you need. Let us share our passion and innovations with you.


Your Go-To Option for OEM Manufacturing

Fiberglass manufacturing is unique and requires special tooling, skill sets, materials, and air permits. Most manufacturers of treatment, process, or pumping “systems” may not have the resources to build their own fiberglass tank. FTS works with multiple customers in these applications with tank manufacturing, accessories, kit up, and engineering expertise.

Pioneers of Custom OEM Fiberglass Tanks

All of our tanks are engineered with Finite Element Analysis (FEA) based on RTP-1 design standards, using 3D CAD modeling. This not only ensures you get the exact tank your application needs, you also can see the customized tank we design for you beforehand in exact digital detail.

We have a wide variety of tooling for many applications, or, we can also design and build new tooling to fit your specifications. FTS also provides Professional Engineer (PE) stamped designs, as well as non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) to protect your patented process or design.

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