Wisconsin Bottling Facility: Project Resource

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This wastewater treatment process system begins with an 8′ dia. X 20′ deep FRP wet well, for high pH wastewater from a bottling facility. The waste is then pulled from the wet well via a pair of fiberglass body pumps in an FRP adjoining 8′ dia. X 20′ deep Fiber­glass Dry Pit. The waste stream is then directed to a 15,000 gallon 1 O’ dia. X 28′ tall above ground
fiberglass storage tank. After this, the waste is metered to a set of fiber­glass pH mixing tanks, one being a caustic and the other an acid mixing tank. These two tanks are 8′ dia. X 8′-6″ tall, with top mounted mixers, safety rails, and ladders.

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